"My work is an exploratory process; I am primarily driven by curiosity, experimentation, and the visceral act of making itself. " - Kristen Erickson

Kristen Erickson is a ceramic artist and educator who is currently based in Pomona, California. Focusing primarily on the creation of ceramic objects, Erickson produces functional tabletop vessels that solicit physical interaction, wall pieces that are records of movement, sculptural works that possess strong form and texture, unorthodox wearables, and interactive projects that focus on public engagement and collaboration. With 17 years of experience in clay, a BFA in Environmental Art from Otis College Of Art + Design, and an extensive background in architecture, Erickson’s diverse skill set pushes her work beyond the typical pottery realm. She currently teaches adult ceramics at the Community Center of La Cañada/Flintridge and at the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre.

You can check out her Instagram account >> here << to see what she is currently up to.